Passport and a copy of Princess Guide to Venice
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Venice Edition is Out

Yes, finally, the 2023 First Edition of The Princess Guide to Venice is out, all 340 pages of it. It’s available for sale in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon.

I hope to be able to re-format both the Rome and Venice editions in Kobo format this year for those of you who prefer it to Kindle.

But first…I must return to Italy for 2 weeks. I will be in Rome and then Venice. Yes, both cities—again!—because I just cannot seem to get enough of them. Plus who doesn’t want to see Venice shrouded in fog?

I’ll be taking lots of photos, so if you want to come along on this adventure, Follow the Facebook or Instagram pages.

Passport and a copy of Princess Guide to Venice
No, that is not my hand with perfect pink nails. I wish.