Trastevere, Rome
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What Not To Wear: Trastevere, Rome

Can you spot the tourists? There are 8. Maybe more. (Click the photo to enlarge it.)

For better service and to avoid being overcharged, leave your shorts at home. They may seem like a comfortable, sensible choice, but in European cities, shorts are only ever worn by children under 18, not grownups. Even in summer. This applies to both men and women. This is not a casual suggestion. It’s an iron-clad rule:

I challenge you to find an image of a local adult wearing shorts in the city. Excluding ladies-of-the-evening, of course.

The same goes for bright white sneakers. Unless you are hiking in the woods or playing a game of tennis, wearing blinding white shoes will immediately mark you as an Easy Tourist Target for both merchants and thieves.